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Welcome to Factbridge

Factbridge exists to strengthen faith and to prepare the way for the gospel, especially on university campuses. We partner with campus ministries, Christian faculty and local churches to design pre-evangelistic and evangelistic campaigns that change the culture. Christians become stronger and bolder in their faith and non-Christians become more open to the gospel.

The university experience can be very challenging to Christian faith. Atheist professors are very outspoken about evidence they believe supports their worldview, but Christian professors often do not feel comfortable promoting evidence that supports Christianity because of the separation of church and state. Students get a very biased view of the evidence and so they often believe that science has disproven the Bible and that Christianity is not intellectually viable. As a result, the number of atheists and agnostics in the US is growing rapidly. Some 35-40% of university students in the US are agnostic or atheist.

Christianity is intellectually robust and can compete in an open marketplace of ideas. Factbridge's goal is to publish the evidence supporting faith in Christ from science, history and logic on university campuses across the nation. Ultimately, our aim is to reverse certain American cultural trends in measurable ways (fewer atheists and agnostics, greater respect for the Bible and Christians, and more people open to the gospel message).

We hope you will join us in this important mission!

Chapman University First Day of Classes
UC Irvine First Day of Classes


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