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Partnership Not Competition
Partnership Not Competition

Partnership Not Competition

Factbridge does not compete with other Christian ministries.  Ministries like Cru, InterVarsity, Navigators and Baptist Collegiate Ministries all play a vital and unique role on university campuses. Campus ministers pour their lives into students, teaching, discipling and mentoring them. Factbridge does not compete with these efforts. In fact, Factbridge does not host any student meetings at all.  (But we are happy to be guest speakers at your meetings!)

Instead, Factbridge partners with you.  Our goal is to help your ministry achieve your goals. We can help:

  • Increase the number of spiritual conversations on campus
  • See non-Christian students more open to the gospel
  • See Christian students sharing their faith more
  • More students involved in club and small groups
  • More churches and Christians praying for your campus

Tell us what you want to accomplish and we can help design and implement pre-evangelistic and evangelistic campaigns to help you reach your goals.

By designing campaigns that work with other Christian clubs on campus, we can plow the ground and plant gospel seed more effectively and that ultimately improves the effectiveness of all campus ministries.

Our efforts help all the involved ministries to accomplish more while reducing the stress and workload on you.