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Ways You Can Get Involved

Introduce Factbridge!

Factbridge partners with Christian faculty, campus ministries (Cru, InterVarsity, Navigators, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, etc.) and local churches to reach university campuses for Christ. The first step in any partnership is the introduction.

If you know a Christian faculty member at a state university, a staff member with a campus ministry or the pastor or college pastor of a church located near a state university, please introduce us!

An introduction is one of the simplest and yet most powerful actions you can take as a Factbridge volunteer! 

Help Set Up a Focus Group!

Ronald Cram is continuing to write booklets and Factbridge needs additional focus groups on state university campuses. Factbridge will pay the costs associated with the focus group, but volunteers are essential to get a room on campus and to promote the focus group to the students.

Typically, rooms can only be reserved by student organizations. Students are paid $20 for taking part in a two-hour focus group.  They also get pizza and water bottle.  We would like the focus group to draw 20-25 students.

Be a Fundraiser!

Factbridge has a proven fundraising concept that is both fun and highly effective.  Fundraisers are asked to invest an hour a week over a 5-8 week period. If you are the first fundraiser in your city, your time commitment will be a little more over a little longer period of time.  To schedule the first phone conversation, click here for our contact form.