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Mission, Strategy and Vision
Mission, Strategy and Vision

Mission, Strategy and Vision

Our mission is to strengthen the faith of Christian university students so they stay in church and to prepare the way for the gospel message among non-Christian students and faculty. 

Our strategy is to partner with active campus ministries, Christian faculty and local churches so that the partnership is far more effective than each of us working independently. 

Our partnership designs pre-evangelistic and evangelistic campaigns on campus. It brings tools, resources and events to the campus to demonstrate the intellectual vitality of the Christian faith.  These campaigns have three main efforts:

  1. Rally the Christian faculty

    The most influential people on any university campus are the faculty.  Most students are surprised to learn that some of their professors are Christians. When Christian faculty meet with Christian colleagues on campus, it builds fellowship and boldness.  Faculty are often eager for the opportunity to speak out for Christ.  The positive impact of outspoken Christian faculty on campus is hard to exaggerate.
  2. Train students to use the survey and give away pre-evangelistic booklets

    When students who belong to Christian clubs like Cru, InterVarsity and Navigators are challenged to survey ten fellow students and offer them the booklet Why Three Brilliant Atheists Became Christians, about 70% of students accept the challenge.  Just a few hundred students on campus can distribute thousands of booklets and significantly impact the university culture for Christ. 

    It’s difficult for an atheist to make the claim “There’s no evidence for God” when classmates all around have read the booklet and know the evidence.  
  3. Pre-evangelistic and evangelistic events

    A pre-evangelistic event will often be a well-known apologetic speaker like Hugh Ross, J. Warner Wallace, Norman or David Geisler, Frank Turek, Ravi Zacharias, Craig Hazen or Greg Koukl. 

    Campus ministers know big events can be very impactful, but they can also be time-consuming. Factbridge can make these events happen without overburdening campus ministers or reducing the time they can spend pouring their lives into students.

    Similarly, evangelistic campaigns can include inviting in accomplished evangelists like Rick Warren, Greg Laurie or Franklin Graham to campus. 

Our vision is to impact the culture by partnering with campus ministries on all 600 state university campuses in the US.