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Apologetic Resources
Apologetic Resources

Apologetic Resources

Why Three Brilliant Atheists Became Christians  /Ronald Cram

Tells the conversion stories of Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Allan Sandage and Lee Strobel.


Top New Testament Archaeological Finds  /Ronald Cram

Outlines 30 top New Testament archaeological discoveries and provides links for further reading. Discoveries include a recent "mummy mask" fragment of the Gospel of Mark, ossuaries belonging to New Testament figures, and a house in Jesus's hometown of Nazareth.


Top Old Testament Archaeological Finds  /Ronald Cram

Outlines 30 top Old Testament archaeological discoveries, including recent discoveries related to early literacy in Israel, the Exodus from Egypt, the existence of King David and the destruction of Sodom.  


Cosmic Reasons to Believe in Jesus Christ  /Dr. Hugh Ross

This talk was recording at Chapman University at an event hosted by Ronald Cram, sponsored by Fellowship of Christian Athletes, InterVarsity, Cru and Young Life and financially supported by CBMC of Orange.


The Resurrection of Jesus: A Rational Inquiry  /Gary Habermas

Gary Habermas's PhD dissertation on the resurrection of Jesus concluded the historical evidence indicates Jesus probably rose from the dead. He successfully defended this conclusion before a panel of unbelieving scholars at Michigan State University.


The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ  /Gary Habermas

Comparing Christianity to the world's major religions.


Evidence for the Historical Jesus: Is the Jesus of History the Christ of Faith?  /Gary Habermas

Examines historical evidence and mainstream scholarship's views of the evidence.



Reasons to Believe

A Christian apologetic think tank focused on scientific apologetics led by astronomer Hugh Ross.


Reasonable Faith

An apologetic ministry led by philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig, well-known for his books and his debates with famous atheists.


RZIM – Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

An international apologetics ministry with well-known apologists Ravi Zacharias, Nabeel Qureshi, Abdu Murray, Os Guinness and many others.


NGIM - Norm Geisler International Ministries

The apologetics ministry of Norm and David Geisler.


Cross Examined

An apologetics ministry led by author and speaker Frank Turek.


Stand to Reason

An apologetics ministry with speakers Greg Koukl, Brett Kunkle, Alan Shlemon and Tim Barnett.


To Be Sure… God Loves Us

A blog post by Brad Cooper compiles thousands of free books on apologetics and Bible study.