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Tools and Events
Tools and Events

Tools and Events


Factbridge has developed an 11 question survey that has proven to be useful in starting conversations and creating interest in empirical evidence for God’s existence.  The survey can be downloaded free here


Why Three Brilliant Atheists Became Christians, tells the conversion stories of Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Allan Sandage and Lee Strobel.

Each conversion story is powerful in its own way.  Francis Collins is a brilliant medical geneticist who led the Human Genome Project. If the world still stands in 500 years, university freshman will be reading about Louis Pasteur and Francis Collins in biology class.  Collins was not raised in a particularly religious home. He took on the atheist position mainly by default.  He became a Christian at the age of 29 after earning two doctorates.  So much for the claim that educated people would never become Christians.

Dr. Allan Sandage is the rare story of a scientist who started his spiritual journey because of a scientific discovery he himself made.  Other scientists have started spiritual journeys because of the science discoveries of others, but Sandage may be the only one who started his journey based on his own discovery.

Lee Strobel is the well-known best-selling author who attempted to disprove the historical claims of Christianity and, instead, convinced himself the claims were true.

The booklet has been tested in multiple focus groups and it’s been found to strengthen the faith of Christians and to make non-Christians more open to the gospel.

If the booklets are used as part of a pre-evangelistic campaign at a university, there’s no charge.

If churches or individuals would like to order the booklets, you can order them on our secure order page.


Pre-evangelistic campaigns can be much more effective when coupled with a major event.  Great apologetic speakers like William Lane Craig, J. Warner Wallace and Hugh Ross can make a huge impact on the campus. 

Events may also include panel discussions with campus faculty or interviews with Christian apologists like the one below with Dr. Hugh Ross.